Automated Ingenuity


  • Unlock the power of AI to transform your business and supercharge growth.
  • Watch costs shrink and productivity soar with our AI-driven solutions.
  • Deep AI knowledge to fuel your company’s success against the competition.

Dynamic and efficient solutions, using artificial intelligence, to streamline processes and optimise business operations.


AI automation can handle repetitive and time-consuming tasks, allowing your staff to focus on more strategic and creative aspects of their work.

Cost Savings

AI automation can help allocate resources more efficiently, optimising the use of key assets - time, money and materials.


AI automation can analyse large datasets quickly, providing valuable insights and trends that can inform strategic decision-making.

Equip your organisation to better serve clients and staff

One way of doing that is by automating your customer support offer with an AI-driven Support Chat Bot or Voice Assistant to provide frictionless service.

Frequently asked questions can be handled by a tuned AI assistant, freeing up support staff to personally answer the most awkward queries.


Empower and scale your brand with our AI-first digital conversations and automations.


Imagine: Your Voice Assistant is speaking naturally  with clients to take orders or book appointments. 

Our Conversational AI will recognise what clients or prospects say in text or phone messages and generate a reply that sounds as natural and life like as two people talking.

website Chat Bots

A long way from the clunky bots of yester year, our Web Assistants can answer customer queries intelligently while generating leads at the same time.

Try our intelligent Web Assistant, Pixta, at the bottom right hand of this page, marked with a blue ‘P


Yes, it is possible to have your Google Sheets or Airtable records send results to your CRM, then talk to your email.  See how far our Automations can smooth your business day.

Our Process: Automating your business

At Pixtamatic, we use a simple, step-by-step process to help automate your business and relieve some of the bottlenecks and pain points that can often lead to reduced productivity or potential customers going elsewhere for information, products or service.

Requirement Gathering and Analysis

We make great efforts to understand your needs and objectives before suggesting a solution.

We then go on to identify your key audiences and their preferences to help give our AI solutions suitable functionality and tone of voice.

Only then do we determine the chatbot’s scope, functionalities, and integration requirements.


We integrate Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Machine Learning (ML) technologies to enable your AI assistant to understand and respond to user inputs effectively.

Then, we train the assistant’s AI models using relevant data and carefully crafted prompts to improve its language comprehension and contextual understanding.  We like to call the process Conversation Architecture.

Design and Development

We create a conversation flowchart outlining different user interactions and responses.

We then select a suitable platform or framework for chatbot or voice assistant development from a host of custom software options.

Maintenance & Improvement

At Pixtamatic, we promise to monitor your AI assistant’s performance, using detailed analytics to identify areas of improvement.

We will regularly update your AI assistant’s knowledge base and responses to stay up-to-date with your offerings to customers and changes in user behaviour.

Communicate and Test

Moving through the above process, clear communication with you, regular testing and continuous improvement will be crucial to ensure that your chatbot aligns with your goals and provides a valuable experience to its users.

Why should I automate?

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